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User Interface Development for Scientific Instruments

Do you have a scientific instrument and need a solid cross-platform GUI? Are you planning to release the instrument on the global market?

We can help you. We build UIs using Java and a set of tools that produce an elegant, near pixel-perfect result on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux or Solaris. We know how to separate the UI layer from your complex proprietary control logic, while taking care of multi-threading issues, internationalization, real time graphics, or any other problem that is not specific to your instrument.

Works on Any Platform, Speaks Any Language

We provide a well-crafted set of components that look identical on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux or Solaris.
Right from the start, the UI supports multiple languages. We can help you translate or gladly import your existing translation.

Layouts, Wizards, Icons

You will see the nicest, most balanced, pixel-perfect layouts. Our design philosophy promotes a muted, unobtrusive grayscale color scheme designed to avoid visual clutter and distraction. We can incorporate your trademark colors in a subtle yet highly pleasing manner.
You will be able to present consistent, elegant interface on all supported platforms.

Embedded Java?

Yes! Interpreted Java or compiled ahead-of-time (GCJ) code performs just fine on modern ARM or x86 embedded boards running Linux.