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Localizer Features


  • Separates special symbols (\r\n, {0}, <html>, etc.) from text to be translated
  • Translation memory
  • Inline context and screenshots
  • Spelling check using OpenOffice dictionaries
  • Catch formatting errors in real time
  • Powerful Find and Replace
  • Custom filters
  • Keyboard shortcuts for mouse-less operation

Work Offline

  • Free for offline single-user operation, whether personal or commercial
  • No internet connection is needed for translation


  • Keep source and translation in sync
  • Add context comments, screenshots


  • Instantly generate pseudolocalization in many languages for i18n testing


  • Export translation to supported formats
  • Pseudolocalization

Instant Collaboration

  • Create ad-hoc work groups
  • Invite as many participants as needed
  • Email notifications of significant changes
  • Periodic synchronization of updates between participants
  • See comments from each member of the team

Project Management

  • Role-based access rights
  • Translation statistics

Supported Formats

  • Apple XCode Localizable strings
  • Android XML
  • HTML
  • Java Properties
  • Comma Separated Value (CSV)
  • Tab Separated value
  • TMX
  • Planned support for Gettext PO, RTF, Microsoft Word, Excel

Planned Features

  • Data encryption while in transit and in storage
  • Support for Gettext PO, RTF, Microsoft Word, Excel
  • Time estimates based on translation history
  • Auto-propagation