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Collaborate on software localization projects right from the source.
Extract translatable strings, translate, cross-check and export localized resources.


  • Works offline - no constant internet connection needed
  • Sync up with your team when you’re back online
  • Translation memory
  • Spelling check in many languages
  • Easy access to screenshots, context, fuzzy matches
  • Carefully separates {%special} symbols from translatable text
  • More...


  • Keep source and translation in sync
  • Easily add screenshot or helpful context
  • Review ongoing work and respond to questions in real time
  • More...


  • Create ad-hoc teams
  • Work globally across time zones
  • Review ongoing work in real time
  • More...

Supported Formats

  • Apple XCode Localizable strings
  • Android XML
  • HTML
  • Java Properties
  • Comma Separated Value (CSV)
  • Tab Separated value
  • TMX
  • Planned support for Gettext PO, RTF, Microsoft Word, Excel

Download and Installation

Download Localizer.jar for OS X, Windows, Linux.


  • The tool is FREE for offline (single-user) use, whether personal or commercial.