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RNotebook is a cross-platform, self-contained, interactive scripting environment inspired by IPython Notebook, for people who prefer Java-like syntax of JavaScript.

This tool utilizes the same metaphor of a document with embedded code cells. The result of execution of script containing in a cell is immediately rendered in an appropriate format: text, plot, table, or image. These results are persisted in the document so they can be shared or exported to HTML or PDF.

What Is It For?

RNotebook is being developed with a goal to provide a scripting environment for developers which simplifies writing scripts that can be run equally well on Window, Mac OS X, Linux, or Solaris, without having to deal with archaic shell languages.

The plan is to bundle the notebook with a set of tools designed to simplify little tasks that developers have to face: copying and renaming files and folders, scanning and synchronizing directories. A set of network tools simplifies the task of writing deployment scripts, accessing and testing REST APIs, or monitoring uptime. Use image processing tools to visualize data or create icons. Load table data from files or (later) database queries. Avoid having your API keys getting into the hands of crooks by storing passwords and keys in a provided local data storage.

Download and try these examples: The tool is currently under active development. Some declared features are not yet available, the other may not perform as expected. Feel free to contact me with any bug reports, suggestions and feature requests.

What Is It Really For?

It's a tool for rapid prototyping Java code using JavaScript interpreter.


WARNING: You are downloading a pre-release software for evaluation purposes. The notebook file format is likely to change. The final product MAY BE INCOMPATIBLE with the documents created by earlier versions.

Download RNotebook.jar for OS X, Windows, Linux.