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Task Master

Don't trust the cloud? This application lets you organize tasks and to-do items on your local Windows, Mac or Linux computer.


I always wanted to have a flexible to-do organizer where tasks can be arranged in a 2D grid, in such a manner that would appear equally well on a small monitor or large, and adapt to window resizing.

This is a result of a long experimentation process, which looks like a cross between a task board and a trello.com workspace. Drag and drop tasks and lists to arrange them as you would like them, rather than accepting what the software imposes on you.

This is the first iteration. I am planning to add more functionality: multiple boards, different colors, may be ability to run commands or scripts. Do you like it? Or feel it is missing a feature? Let me know.


  • Create tasks with a single click
  • Drag and drop to arrange tasks and lists
  • Generate status report with one click
  • Gantt-chart-like history view
  • Pretty calendar
  • World clock shows time different locations
  • Choice of grid or columnar layout
  • Your data is shared with no one

Download and Installation

Download TaskMaster.jar for OS X, Windows, Linux.


Pay what you like.